Thermal Springs in Bursa
Bursa is a city famous for its thermal springs. The hot water springs are especially situated in Çekirge and Kukurtlu districts located in the center of Bursa and Oylat Town in the Inegol district, 70 kilometers away from Bursa. The historical thermal springs were built in those areas. In addition to the thermal springs in those areas, there are also modern facilities where people can benefit from the healing water. 
As one of the largest thermal springs of Bursa, the Eski Thermal Spring (also known as Armutlu Bathhouse) is located in the Çekirge neighborhood. The hot spring was built by Sultan Murat I in 1394. In the place where the hot spring was built, some remains belonging to the Byzantine period were found. 
One of them is a “lion mouth” with hot water flowing from its mouth by a pool. All the thermal springs in Çekirge get their water from Vakifbahce water source. Kara Mustafa Public Bathhouse, Kaynarca Women’s Bathhouse, and Yeni Thermal Spring are the springs that are located together in the Kukurtlu neighborhood of Bursa and take their water from Bademlibahce water source. They have been serving since 1555, the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
Kukurtlu Thermal Springs which is another thermal spring located in Kukurtlu neighborhood, nowadays serves as a rehabilitation center affiliated with Uludag University. In terms of hydrogen sulfide, the water of Kukurtlu Thermal Spring is the richest in the area. The men’s part of the thermal spring was built by Sultan Murat I Hudavendigar, the women’s part is by Sultan Bayezid II.
The Oylat Thermal Spring located in Oylat town in Inegol district, since the Romans, has been in service for 2000 years. In a forestry area, in the thermal spring area taking the waters of three different springs, there are a lot of facilities that can be accommodated.