Local Cafes and Restaurants in Bursa


Cafe Siesta, which was opened in 1992 on Nalbantoglu Street in the Heykel district and became a cafe chain over time, has been among the most popular places in Bursa since its establishment. It serves with a rich coffee and food menu at its branches in Heykel, Meselipark in Nilufer district, Balkanpark in Odunluk district and recently Podyumpark.
Phone: 532 703 75 16
Located in the city center, in Umurbey, one of the old districts of Bursa, within the Tofas Anatolian Cars Museum complex, the Fayton Cafe draws attention with its decoration in accordance with the concept of the museum. It is possible to watch the sunset from the terrace in the spring and summer months of the Fayton Cafe, which serves a cafe-restaurant menu between 9:00-00 every day.
Phone: 224 327 37 77
Mahfel, one of the historical places of Bursa with a history of 150 years, is a cafe-restaurant located on Setbasi street in the city center. Breakfast, light meals, dessert and coffee are served in its multi-storey garden that goes down to Gokdere, its garden on the street and its indoor areas. The cafe, which has an important place in Bursa culture, is one of the places that should be visited when visiting the city.
Phone: 224 326 88 88
Located on the coast of Mudanya, right next to the BUDO sea bus pier, Trilye Muhallebicisi is a cafe-restaurant with a modern design, with its menu ranging from breakfast to desserts, from coffee to meat dishes, with examples from Turkish and world cuisine.
Phone: 224 544 77 00
Serving as a bakery-cafe-restaurant and patisserie, Nevale has branches in Odunluk and Altinsehir, in addition to shopping centers such as Zafer Plaza, Korupark and Kent Meydani. Nevale, which has an extensive food and beverage menu, is especially rich in cake and breakfast menus.
Phone: 224 413 0149
The cafes & restaurants of BKM, Bursa's big bookstore chain, are located in Ozluce, FSM Boulevard and Istanbul Street branches. Ozluce branch is located on Ahmet Taner Kislali Street, while FSM branch is located at the entrance of Mudanya road. It is possible to find many varieties in the menu, from meat dishes to desserts, from pizza to snacks and cold-hot drinks.
Phone:  444 8 256
Ozgen, which has been serving as an open-air cafe in Kulturpark since 1958, has added new branches with various concepts over the years. Serving both as a cafeteria, restaurant and hookah-cafe, Ozgen has branches in Kulturpark, Podyum Park, Ozluce district and Millet district.
The historical buildings, known as Sumbullu Garden Mansion, located in the historical fortress area, were opened by Osmangazi Municipality in 2011 as a restaurant and cafe. In the spring and summer months, Sumbullu Garden Mansion, which also provides service in a courtyard and garden where you can watch the Bursa view, includes breakfast, traditional drinks, desserts and dishes from Ottoman and Bursa cuisine.
Phone: 224 221 90 02
Located in Osmangazi district, next to Merinos park and Merinos Cultural Center, Cafe Kule is a hookah cafe that offers its guests a view of Bursa with its high tower-shaped structure. In addition to its menu consisting of beverages, desserts and international cuisine, there are live music, match broadcasts and traditional games for groups.
Phone: 224 256 91 91
It is a restaurant-cafe on the Uludag road, offering the opportunity to watch Bursa from above. In addition to the extensive breakfast menu, meat dishes, snacks, cold and hot drinks and hookah are offered. It has an indoor and outdoor area.
Phone: 224 239 86 68
Hunkar Mansion, located in the Mollaarap neighborhood, on the outskirts of Uludag, in Yildirim district, easily accessible from the city center, has a wide view of Bursa. The historical mansion, which was built as a hunting lodge due to the Bursa trip of Sultan Abdulmecid in 1844, has served as a museum until today; It was opened by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2009 as a restaurant and cafeteria. The establishment, which has indoor and outdoor venues, offers traditional flavors as well as meat dishes, snacks and open buffet breakfast on Sundays.

It is a restaurant-cafe that was opened after the restoration of a historical mill by Osmangazi municipality in Dobruca neighborhood of Osmangazi district. Pita types, desserts, drinks and breakfast are served in its large garden and historical stone building.
Phone: 0224 239 68 89
Uzay Patisseries was established in 1971 as a family business. Since then, it has continued as one of the most known patisserie chains in Bursa, and for years it has started to serve as a cafe-restaurant chain as well as pastry shops. In addition to a wide range of cakes, desserts, and chocolates, the business, which operates in 10 branches, also includes breakfast varieties, coffees, snacks, pizzas and meat dishes on its menu.
Phone: 541 892 93 04
Kafkas, which is famous for its candied chestnut, one of Bursa's nationwide products, and has many branches; It also serves as a cafe-restaurant in Izmir Road, Yalova Road and Kent Square branches.
Phone: 224 413 22 20
Cinar, which was established as a patisserie-bakery in the city center in 1968, now serves as a bakery-cafe with its 4 branches. It has branches in Kükürtlü and Setbasi districts, as well as cafe-restaurants in FSM Boulevard and Ozluce, which are socially active areas of the city.
Phone: 224 451 58 98