Tirilye town, which was established on the shore of the Marmara Sea, among olive vineyards, is 12 kilometers from Mudanya. It is rumored that three priests, who were excommunicated due to their dissenting views during the meetings in the 1st Consul convened in Iznik in 325, came to Tirilye with their comrades who believed in them. Priests established soup kitchens, monasteries and churches here. It is said that the name Tirilye is derived from these three priests.

In Tirilye, you can see the Stone School built in 1909, the Historical Olive Oil Factory and seven Greek churches, three monasteries and three holy springs. The Painted Church is also important because it is the first building in history to have paintings on its walls and is one of the three oldest churches in the world.

You can have something to eat and drink at the fishermen, restaurants and cafes on the beach or streets of Tirilye, or at Camli Kahve, one of the highest points of Tirilye. You can stay in boutique hotels and hostels. Monasteries: Aya Yani Monastery, Medikion Monastery (Agios Sergios Monastery) Churches: St. Basil's Church (Refectory/Tirilye Church/Faruk Celik Cultural Center), st. Stephanos Church (Fatih Mosque), Pantobalissa Church (Kemerli Church / Painted Church), Yuannes Church (St. John 3. Church / Dundar House)