Green Complex in Bursa

Green Tomb (Yesil Kulliyesi)

The Green Tomb, which is one of the most famous symbols of Bursa, is located in Yesil sub-province in Yildirim district (the district takes its name from this work of art), within The Green Complex. It was built by Celebi Mehmed who is regarded as the second founder of the Osmanli Empire in 1421. In the mausoleum, the sarcophagi of Sultan Celebi Mehmed and his family are situated. The mausoleum takes its name from the green and turquoise-colored tiles. Architecturally, it is octagonal.

Green Complex (Yesil Kulliyesi or Celebi Mehmed Complex), Turkish Islamic Arts Museum

In the Green Complex, alongside the mausoleum, there are also the Green Mosque, the Green Madrasa and a bathhouse. In the Green Madrasa, the Turkish Islamic Arts Museum is located. The Green Complex which is also called Celebi Mehmed Complex and the other Sultan Complexes in Bursa got included in the Unesco World Heritage List in 2014.